The Four Main Areas Where Jackrabbit Stores Your Data

Jackrabbit organizes and stores information into four main areas: 

  1. The Family Record
  2. The Student Record
  3. The Class Record
  4. The Staff Record

The Family Record

The Family record includes all the information related to the family. You can see information on parents and other contacts, children or adult students and the classes in which they are scheduled – their current, past and future. The information is organized under tabs: Summary, Contacts, Schedules, Events, Transactions, Billing Info and Misc. Above the tabs are several very handy buttons. Buttons are shortcuts to places where you can perform actions. See The Family Record for a more in depth look.

As you will see, the Students, Classes and Staff records are set up similar to the Family record; each has tabs to organize information and buttons for shortcuts to actions or reports relating to the record. 

The Student Record

From the Student record > Summary tab, you can see the classes the student is currently scheduled in with detail about each class. The Schedules tab shows current as well as past and future enrollments. You can track attendance,  medical information, skills the student has attained, and other information in the Student record. See The Student Record for more details.

The Class Record

The Class record > Summary tab is all about how the class is set up. The Enroll List tab shows who is enrolled in the class; the Drop List tab shows the students who have dropped the class and so on. The Class record has many buttons that are shortcuts for actions or reports relating to classes. For a complete overview see The Class Record.

The Staff Record

The Staff record holds all the information regarding your staff, including attendance, compensation, availability, and much more. You are not required to set up staff to get started with Jackrabbit, however, setting them up and using our Clock can help you run your business more effectively. The Clock enables staff to check in and out, allowing you to pull a report on their hours worked. Check out the Staff Record for a closer look.