Schedule a Student into Classes using Jackrabbit's Calendars

Office staff can enroll students into classes using the Daily, Weekly, or Room Calendars in Jackrabbit. 

The Weekly Calendar is the most popular calendar to use for enrollment. It can be quickly accessed by clicking on the Calendar icon in the upper right corner throughout the database or by using the Weekly Calendar button on the Executive Dashboard.
  1. From the Classes menu, select Weekly / Daily Calendar.
  2. Use the Search Criteria to narrow down results as needed.
  3. Select the calendar view of your choice - Weekly Calendar, Day View, or Room View.
  4. Hover your cursor over any class to see class details and select to Schedule Existing Students or Register New Students.

If the student belongs to a new family who is not in your database, click the Register New Students button. Follow the instructions for how to Add Families / Accounts.

If the student is already in your database, click the Schedule Existing Students button. Follow the instructions for Methods for Staff to Schedule a Student.