Create a Future Enrollment

Your organization's Jackrabbit database has the ability to enroll students with a future start date. 

While it is possible to set a schedule start date in the future, Jackrabbit Care does not recommend this option - especially if you need to post fees prior to the future date.

Use the Class Start Date to indicate the actual start date of the class.

Set each student's Schedule Start Date . Consider this their date of enrollment - not the date the class actually starts. If the schedule start date is set for a future date, the student is not considered enrolled / scheduled into that class until that date. They are Future Enrolled.

Student Based Billing

To include Future Enrolled students in group posted tuition fees set Active Students Only? = "NO" in Transactions > Post Student Tuition Fees.

Class Based Billing

Future Enrolled students will be excluded from group Tuition Posting in Transactions > Post Tuition Fees until their Schedule Start Date.