Event Registration via the Event Calendar (New Customers)

Once you have linked an Event Calendar to your website, here are the typical "steps" of an online Event Registration:

  1. Each Event with a status of "Open" is shown with a live link.  When your customer clicks the live link, the Event Registration form will launch.  (NOTE: existings customers should begin in their Portal and go to the Event Registration tab to access the Calendar).
  2. The Event Registration launches.  It will allow for Family or Student Enrollment, depending on the setting in your database.  It has its own Legal Policies, and a Questions section that you created. For instructions on setting up these sections please refer to the Events section in the How To Guide portion of this site.  Your customer will fill out the form with the family/contact/student information, answer any questions you have established, agree to the Event legal policies, provide payment information and then hit Submit at the bottom of the form.
  3. An email notification containing all the details is sent to the customer, and also to you/your staff (via the "Notification Email" indicated on the Event Type page).
  4. The Event Registration/enrollment is logged/stored/archived in the Family Misc tab under the "View Registrations" button.    
  5. Additional information is located in this guide on the Event Calendar Views.