Will Joomla work with Jackrabbit?

When determining if your website will integrate with Jackrabbit, the basic answer is always "yes".  All websites support basic LINKS (hyperlinks) to other webpages.  

Our Class Listings Tables module, which is optional, uses javascript to run directly on your own webpage, so if your site doesn't allow javascript then you will need to use an alternative method for that module.

 Here is how Jackrabbit's 5 online modules integrate with your website: 

  1. Registration Form: a LINK to a form that NEW customers use to create their account (and enroll into classes).
  2. Parent Portal: a LINK to a login page where the existing customers log into their account to manage their account online (and enroll into more classes).
  3. Event Calendar (optional): a LINK that opens a calendar showing special Events (not classes).
  4. Class Listings Tables (optional): html javascript codes that allow you to create custom table grids of your classes that can be embedded directly on your webpages (if your website allows javascript).   We have alternative methods if your site doesn't allow javascript.