Favorite Reports (Reports Menu)

Watch a (0:18) video tutorial on Favorite Reports

Set your most frequently used reports as your Favorites! These reports will be listed when you select Favorite Reports from the Reports menu.

Favorite reports are set per User ID and are only categorized as a Favorite when logged in as that User ID.

Reports that you have selected as your Favorite reports are indicated by a red heart next to the report name in all report lists.

To mark a report as a Favorite, hover over the report name until you see the description and a gray outlined heart icon at the end of the name. Click on the icon and the heart becomes red.

If you no longer consider a report a Favorite, click on the red heart to change it back to a gray outlined heart.

Note: Favorite reports are different than report search criteria Favorites which are used to save report settings and criteria as a template for quick and consistent report creation.