Add Skills/Levels to Classes

Once you have created your skills/levels you can add them to classes. When a skill/level is added to a class, it (and any subskills) are added to the enrolled students. If a student already has the skill/level on their record it will not be added again. 

If a skill/level is added to a class, a subskill created after cannot be added to the students in the class. It is best to create a new skill/level and add it to the class.

To add a skill/level to an individual class:

  1. Go to the Class record and select the Skills/Levels tab.
  2. Click Add Skill/Level To Class.
  3. Select the Skill/Level using the drop down menu or use the search field to locate the skill/level.
  4. Enter the Date Training Started. Note: If the skill/level has not been started you can leave this field blank.
  5. Enter a Date Due, Date Tested, and Date Attained if applicable.
  6. Select which Students you want to add the skill/level to.
  7. Save & Add Another or Save Changes.

To add multiple skills/levels to multiple classes: 

  1. Point to Students on the main menu and select Skills/Levels Add to Classes.
  2. Use the [+] to Select the Skills/Levels to add to classes. 
  3. Use the [+] to Select the Active Classes to add the skills/levels to.
  4. Save Changes.
If a student is enrolled into a class after the skills/levels have been added to the class, those skills/levels will be added to the student automatically using their first day in class as the Date Training Started.