Link Directly to a Specific Event (Bypass the Calendar)

There may be times when you want to promote just one Event (on a specific day/time).  You can make a direct link to that specific event's Registration form, and put this link either on your webpage or in an email blast.  

To get the correct url (hyperlink), you must access your "external calendar":

  1. Go to Tools > Online Web Registration > Events Calendar/Registration. 
  2. From that page, click the "Sample Link: View Monthly Events Calendar".
  3. Your current "external" Event Calendar will pop-up.  From that, select (click) the Event day/time that you want to promote.  
  4. The Event Registration form for that Event will open.  From that page, copy the url that is located in the address bar (see image example below).  That is the hyperlink you can use in emails or on webpages, to bypass the calendar and have the Registration form for that SPECIFIC event launch directly.  

Using a direct link in this manner bypasses the Calendar openings countdown functionality, thus rendering Max Size out of the control of Jackrabbit. This can result in overbooking if you fail to remove this direct link once the Event is at maximum enrollment size.  Therefore, Jackrabbit doesn't recommend bypassing the Calendar unless the event max size is unlimited or unimportant to you.