ePayments - An Overview

Jackrabbit's ePayments integration allows you to process your customers'  credit cards or bank account drafts from within your database.  For you and your customers the process is seamless, and the best part is Jackrabbit doesn't charge any extra fees to process ePayments!

In  order to process ePayments from your Jackrabbit database you must have  both a gateway account and a merchant processing account with one of our ePayments Partners. We have partnered  with two providers and have written code for both to offer you a  choice for your online payments solution in Jackrabbit. 

There are no additional Jackrabbit fees for processing ePayments from within your database, however, there are fees associated with the gateway and merchant processing accounts. Our ePayment Partners offer meet or beat pricing guarantees!

Use the ePayments Wizard to get started with this time saving feature!