Post a Fee with the Make Sale/Post Fees Button

There are two ways to post additional fees (other than class fees) to a specific family:

  1. Decide where you would like to post the fees from. Select one of these two options shown:

    From the 
    Transactions Menu
    Go to Transactions (menu) > Post Fees to a Family, this will open the Make Sale/Post Fees page. Proceed to step 2.
    From a Family RecordGo to Families (menu) > Families and select the family you want to post a fee to. Once the family page is open click the Make Sale/Post Fees button. Proceed to step 2.

  2. Complete the Family Details section. 
    • Search for a family name if you used the Transaction menu to access the page.
    • The family will automatically populate if you started from a Family Record.
    • Change the Transaction Date when applicable.
  3. Complete the Select Store Items if you have any store fees to include. See Make a Store Sale for details.
  4. Complete the Post Fees section.
    Note: You can add an unlimited number of fees. Additional rows will display after the third fee is added.

    • Location if applicable.
    • Type (Transaction).
    • Category1 Note: Category 1 is required if you have Tools > Edit Settings > Require Cat1 = Yes.
      Note: Jackrabbit always recommends you include a Category 1.
    • SubType and enter the Orig Amount.
    • Click the Calculator icon to enter a discount if applicable.
    • Include tax by checking the Tax checkbox.
      Note: The tax rate is calculated using the tax rate you entered and saved in Tools > Edit Settings >Organization Defaults.
    • Choose a Session (optional, but highly recommended).
    • Choose a Student (optional).
    • Select a Class/Event from the drop-down if the fee is tuition related, or click the Magnifying Glass (Search) icon to select a Class/Event. If you add a class to this field, notice that the Category1 field adopts the Category1 assigned to that class. This is a safeguard to ensure the correct Category1 is used for the class tuition.
    • Add a Note (optional).
  5. Click either the Save Fee & Pay Now button to save the fees and open a payment screen or the Save Fee button to save the fees without posting a payment. You can post the fees to the family at a later time.