What causes unapplied payments in Jackrabbit?

There are four ways that unapplied (uncategorized) payments are created in Jackrabbit.

  • A payment is posted to a family / account and is either not linked to a fee or is linked to a fee that does not have a Category 1.
  • A payment is linked initially and is later unlinked and not reapplied to another fee.
  • An overpayment is made (the amount paid is more than what is owed in fees) leaving a credit on the account. This credit is unlinked revenue until you apply it to a fee.
  • A prepayment is made (the payment is made before the fee is posted). The prepayment is unlinked revenue until you post a fee and apply the payment to it.

Learn more about working with prepayments and overpayments in the Post / Enter a Payment topic.