Virtual Terminals Explained

A virtual terminal (VT), or merchant login, is an online access point offered by your gateway provider. The gateway provider will provide you with your virtual terminal login name and will send that information to you in an email which will include a link to set your password.

The virtual terminal provides transaction reporting for all ePayments submitted from your Jackrabbit database. This is key in reconciling your bank account. See Bank Reconciliation When Using ePayments. As well, you are able to control several settings such as the time that your ePayments will be batched and sent from the gateway to the merchant processor daily called the Settlement Schedule.

Payments, refunds and voids can also be processed from within the virtual terminal but these transactions are not transmitted back to your Jackrabbit database and would have to be recorded manually. It is a Jackrabbit Best Practice to process all credit card voids and refunds from within your database *. Bank Draft/ACH payments must be refunded through the virtual terminal, this cannot be done from within your Jackrabbit database.

* At this time, customers using ePayments in United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand cannot process a refund directly through Jackrabbit. These customers will see an alert after clicking the R icon on an ePayment. The refund must be completed in the virtual terminal and then recorded in the family's transactions in Jackrabbit.

Access your virtual terminal directly from within Jackrabbit the Tools menu > ePayment Settings > Credit Card & Bank Account Settings.

Click Virtual Terminal to open the login screen for your ePayment Partner's online gateway access.

For questions regarding the virtual terminal and its use please refer to your gateway provider, this is not a Jackrabbit application and we are not able to offer support for it.