Post Student Tuition Fees - The Function (Transactions Menu)

  1. Point to Transactions and select Post Student Tuition Fees.  
  2. Select your choices under Search Criteria, Settings and Duplicate Fee Detection.
  3. Select Preview Tuition Fees
  4. In the Preview screen, note that students with incomplete schedule or attendance details are highlighted in blue. These students may require closer examination prior to submitting a batch. To see the Student record, click the Student's First Name. To see the Family record, click the Student's Last Name.
  5. Uncheck the Post checkbox for any tuition that you do not want included in the batch posting.
  6. When satisfied with the preview, select Post Fees.

The fees will post to each family's transactions page, and a results screen will display. View the posted fees by clicking View All Tuition Fee Transactions Posted for this Batch.

Important Notes

  • Attendance dates are required. 
    • When Rate Based On = Scheduled Attendance, Actual Attendance, or Actual Outside of Attendance the date range checks attendance, schedules, and Tuition Rates to see time records and if the rate is current. .
    • When Rate Based On = Fixed, the dates are used to check Tuition Rate From and Through dates. A rate that is not valid during the posting dates will not bill.
  • Check for Failed Signouts at the close of each day and correct any issues so tuition will post properly each cycle.
  • If Tuition Cycle is left blank, Jackrabbit will calculate all active student tuition rates at the same time.
  • Students with future enrollment dates are excluded from the batch.  
  • Use Duplicate Fee Detection to avoid duplicate postings.
  • Point to Transactions and select Delete Tuition Fees to delete a tuition batch posted in error. 
  • Create Favorite for Post Student Tuition Fees to make posting tuition quick and easy!