Lead File FAQ


If I move a family to the Lead File does it impact my enrollment reports?
Moving a family or group of families to the Lead File DOES impact enrollment reports. The enrollment records for families in your Lead File are NOT included in the enrollment reports in your main database. We recommend that you run Reports > Enr...
If I move a family to the Lead File does it affect my financial reports?
Moving a family or group of families to the Lead File does not impact any of your financial reports.
If a family has multiple students, can I move just one of the students to the Lead File?
It's not possible to move one student in a family of multiple students to the Lead File.   The entire family must be moved.
How many leads can I add to my organization's Lead File?
You may add an unlimited number of leads to the Lead File .
How regularly should I move inactive families to the Lead File?
Jackrabbit recommends that you allow an inactive family to remain in your Jackrabbit database approximately 12 - 18 months before moving the Family to the Lead File.
Can I mass restore families from the Lead File back to my database?
There is no option to mass restore families back to the main Jackrabbit database from the Lead File. Families must be restored individually.
I have a Mac and can't export to Excel. What should I do?
Jackrabbit recommends Mac users export data to a CSV file.  A CSV file is one of the choices in the Export to drop down list.
All of our prospective clients are currently in an Excel document. How can we mass move those to the Jackrabbit Lead File?
If you have a lot of prospective customer information outside of Jackrabbit that you'd like to enter into the Lead File , it's possible to mass enter it into the Lead File.  You'll need to import the information into Jackrabbit (se...
Can a customer who is in the Lead File access the Parent Portal?
Families who are housed in the Lead File can not access the Parent Portal .  This is because the Lead File exists outside of your main Jackrabbit database. 
What if a family I've moved to the Lead File ends up re-registering using the web registration form?
When a family is moved to the Lead File, they are no longer part of your main Jackrabbit database.  If that family registers with you again using the Online Web Registration form, a new family record will be created for them in your main Jack...