Web Registration Form - Ability to Enroll in a Class

If you do NOT want to allow your new customers to enroll themselves into specific classes, make sure you have the "Ability to Enroll in a Class" set to NO on your Web Reg Settings page. However, if you do want to allow new customers to chose and enroll into classes, set "Ability to Enroll in a Class" to YES, and you also need to ensure those classes meet the criteria for being available for online enrollment. Each class should have the following completed, at a minimum, on the CLASS Summary page in your database.

  • Status = can be any EXCEPT Completed,Archived, or Inactive.
  • Allow Web Registration = YES (so class will show in the Web Reg form Class Search and Portal)
  • Display on Website = YES (if you are using a Class Listings Table)
  • Registration Start Date. The day you want to open online enrollment; if left blank, it is opened immediately. (If future dated, the class will not show up in the Web Reg Class Search or the Portal for selection until that date. Also, the live "Register" link will not display in the listing table until that date arrives).

Want an in-between option? How about allowing them to enroll with a request only? This shows the class options and lets them request to join - but YOU get to decide if they join the class and actually enroll them after the notification is received. See Web Registration Form - Scheduling Options

Consider using the Global Edit in Edit All Classes (Classes menu) to quickly update a large group of classes.