Organizational Clock Settings (Step 3)

Clock Settings are found by pointing to Tools and selecting Edit Settings. Scroll down to the Clock Settings section.

Automatically assign PINs
Would you like Jackrabbit to automatically generate PIN numbers when a new contact and staff person are created?
Setting this option to Yes is the most efficient way of ensuring that PIN numbers are automatically assigned when a staff member is added or when a quick registration or web registration is submitted.

Starting PIN

What starting number would you like to use?
This cannot be changed after you begin auto-assigning numbers.
Organization name shown on ClockEnter the name of your school or organization.This name will show for each Clock you launch if you use multiple locations.
Message displayed on ClockEnter a message that will display on the Clock PIN screen.This message shows to both Staff and Families. Additional messages can display for individual Staff and Contacts. See Messaging in the Clock
Show number pad
Do you want to display a number pad on the Check-In screen?
Set this to Yes if you are using a touchscreen. A keyboard and mouse can still be used if number pad is displayed.
Show profile pictures
Display Student and Staff images as uploaded to their record?

If set to Yes but no image is present, a generic image will display.