Edit Multiple Classes at Once

The most efficient way to edit multiples of classes or edit all classes is to use Edit All Classes from the Classes menu.  

  1. Point to Classes and select Edit All Classes.
  2. From the selection criteria fields, narrow down to the group of classes that you want to be edited.
  3. If there are enough classes that multiple pages are available, click the Show All button to place all results on one page.
  4. To edit some (but not all) classes in the list, use the drop down fields in each class row and make changes as needed and then Save Changes.
  5. To globally edit all the classes selected at once, use the yellow row.  Be sure to select Show All (if applicable) prior to making global changes.
  6. When you use the Global update, you will get a pop up asking if you want to set each value to the global value.  Choose OK. This will then populate the global values into every class below.  
  7. Save Changes to apply all the global updates.  

Edit all classes even allows for editing of archived classes. Set the Class Status criteria to either blank (to include all) or Archived.