The Importance of Updated Policies and Agreements

Contributor(s): Amber Smith, Susan Lyerly

Because Jackrabbit is an online program you no longer have to deal with paper copies of signed policies, however, it is still vital that your customers are re-agreeing to your policies on a regular basis. 

First and foremost, create your policies within Jackrabbit. Consult with your attorney to make sure you address hot topics (e.g. processing credit cards and photo release). All new families will be required to agree to all policies when they register via your online registration form. If a Jackrabbit User registers a family via Quick Registration, the policies will not be available for agreement until the family logs in to their Parent Portal. They will be prompted to agree to them upon their first login.

It is beneficial to review your policies and make any necessary updates as you are preparing for your next session. When you open enrollment for your new session, existing families enroll in classes via the Parent Portal. Since they will not complete the Online Web Registration form again, you can enter a policy agreement date for the Parent Portal to require your clients to re-agree before enrolling in classes. Another option is to turn on the setting for the Parent Portal that requires agreement for each new enrollment. Either option will protect you and your organization, making sure you always have a current agreement on file. 

With parents agreeing to policies online, you have the ability to access the last agreement date for each family, as well as a copy of the agreement with the date and time stamp. No need to keep up with paper signed agreements!