Financial Reports - An Overview

Watch a (2:46) video tutorial on Financial Reports

Financial Reports are found by pointing to Reports and selecting Transactions / Financials. There are several reports, all of which display the information differently based on a variety of search criteria (filters) and display settings available.

Revenue Reports (Who Has Paid)

  • The Class/Event Revenue Summary report is used to gauge income associated with a specific class or event.
  • The Deposit Slip report is perfect for daily reconciliation.
  • The Fee Summary report allows you to see the current status of fees in a selected Category 1 or with a specific Transaction Type.
  • The Paid Fees report is helpful for finding uncategorized revenue or to view taxes paid for the selected date range.
  • The Revenue Snapshot (QuickBooks Rpt) is beneficial, even without QuickBooks, to see revenue by payment method and Category 1.
  • The Revenue Summary report will show the discounts given within a date range.

Accounts Receivable / Collection Reports (Who Owes Me Money)