Tuition Rate Examples

If you are setup for Class-Based billing, you can skip this section and proceed to the next step.

A Student may be scheduled into one or more classes and have one or more rates assigned. Let's look at some examples.

Example 1

Riley Church is scheduled for Preschool and Summer Camp. A rate is assigned for each one.

Example 2

A Tuition Rate split between multiple parties.

The same rate is added 2 times using the Add Student Tuition button. Each time, it is assigned to a different payer with their allocation percentage entered.

Example 3

A student with multiple rates and multiple payers.

The student is in two classes and needs to pay two Tuition Rates weekly. Mom (Angela) and a 3rd Party Agency are responsible for 50% of each rate.

Example 4

Discounts to Tuition Rates.  

Each Tuition Rate added can also receive its own discount. The student has Tuition allocated to:

  • Mom (Cassie) - Receives a 10% discount
  • Agency (Mecklenburg County DCS) - Receives a $5 discount