Launch the Clock - An Overview

The Clock is launched by entering your organization's Clock ID and password on the regular Jackrabbit Login Page. When your Clock ID is entered, only the clock is launched.

  1. Go to the Jackrabbit Login Page:
  2. Enter a Clock User ID and Password
  3. Select a Location, if applicable.
  4. Click Launch Clock.

Each time you launch the clock it opens a new clock session. Clock sessions are designed to stay open and will not automatically time out after a period of inactivity like regular IDs. For quick access to the Clock, you can bookmark

Your Clock session will stay active provided that:

  • your internet remains connected
  • the same Clock ID is not logged in using a different device
  • another Jackrabbit ID does not sign in using the same device and browser where the clock is launched
You can work in your database while the Clock is launched - but if you are working on the same computer use a separate browser.