Staff Clock-In / Out Using the Clock

Staff Clock-In Using the Clock

To check-in, staff should:

  1. Launch the Clock.
  2. Select a Location.
  3. PIN code is entered using keyboard or onscreen PIN pad and Submit. Staff member will see their name, Staff Login Message (if applicable), and Staff News (if applicable).
  4. Click Clock-In.
  5. The date & time screen will open displaying the date & time of clock in. Click Finish to re-set the Clock for the next user.

Staff Clock-Out Using the Clock

To clock out, the staff member should launch the clock and follow the same steps as clocking-in. Since the staff member has already clocked in, the only option showing will be Clock-Out.

Jackrabbit records the day, time, and PIN code of the person who performed the clock in / out. The total hours worked are also calculated in the Staff Attendance Report. See Clock Reports