Paid Fees Report

The Paid Fees report displays revenue by Category 1 with a breakdown by Transaction Type for a specific day or time period. This report can be viewed as a summary or in detail.

From the Reports menu > Transactions / Financials, the Paid Fees report can be found under the Recommended tab.

  • Adjust payments received after the cut-off date for a revenue period, e.g., month end or year end.
  • Locate uncategorized or improperly categorized payments. 
  • Report on taxes paid within a specified date range.

Business Scenario

Your accountant has asked you to prepare your annual tax information for 2019. Any payments posted on or after January 1, 2020 for fees posted in 2019 should be adjusted. Run the Paid Fees report using the search criteria Date Paid from 1/1/2020 through blank and Fee Date from blank through 12/31/2019. This will provide you with a list of adjustments that should be made to your 2019 revenue.

Search Criteria

Use the Search Criteria to narrow results down to the payments you want to work with. 

Leaving a field blank is the same as saying "all".

Display Settings

Before submitting for results, you can adjust the following settings:

  • Subheading (add a subheading)
  • Show Refunds
  • Show detail
  • Report format
Set the Display Setting Show detail to Yes to provide payment dates, fee dates and family names. This can be particularly helpful in locating uncategorized revenue.

The Report Results