General FAQ

General frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for using Jackrabbit?

How do I get help setting up my Jackrabbit database?

What are the differences between the logins associated with my Jackrabbit database?

How do I contact Jackrabbit Support?

Where can all the different types of notes be seen?

Will Jackrabbit time me out after a period of inactivity?

What is the format for entering time in Jackrabbit?

Why is there an globe icon next to every phone number field? What is phone validation, masked mode and international mode?

How do I resize my company logo for use in Jackrabbit?

I have many drop downs that we don't use. Can I delete them?

How can I keep up with recent enhancements in Jackrabbit?

How do I get help getting Jackrabbit to work with my website?

Will Joomla work with Jackrabbit?

Will Wordpress work with Jackrabbit?

Will Wix work with Jackrabbit?

I want to use Jackrabbit features with my website, where can I find the HTML codes for linking?

Does Jackrabbit support integration with third-party systems?