Add Drop-down List Values for the Store

Drop-down list values for your Store are added from Tools > Edit Settings > Drop Down Lists.

Add Class Category 1,  Item Tax Rates, Quick Discount percentages, and Transaction Types as needed.

Class Category 1

Category 1 names are used to organize revenue and are not isolated to classes.  Example: You might want a Category 1 value called Merchandise or Food.

Item Tax Rates

When entering tax rates, enter the number only. Example: A 5% tax rate should be entered as 5, not as .05. Item Tax Rates are only used for items and not available for other types of fees.

Quick Discounts

Default Quick Discount percentages are 10, 20, 30, 50. Change Quick Discount percentages if necessary. A maximum of four Quick Discount percentages can be created. (If 30% is the most frequently used discount, create it first, so it will be listed first.)

Transaction Types / SubTypes

You may use a Transaction Type already created or create new ones unique to your store.