Prevent Class Enrollment During Online Registration

It is important to understand the difference between register, schedule (enroll), and request a class.

  • Register = to create an account having family and student information such as Names, emails, address, phone numbers, etc.
  • Schedule (Enroll) = to enroll a specific student into a specific class.
  • Request a Class = allow registrants to request enrollment in a class, but it does not actually put the student into the class. This is common if an organization would like to monitor class enrollment closely or speak with families before placing them in a class.

Some organizations prefer to prohibit online enrollment but still want the convenience of taking online account registration. They want the family and student data, the payment information, and the agreement to their legal policies, to be submitted by the parent online, but not allow specific classes to be chosen for actual enrollment. This scenario can be accomplished by the following steps:

  1. If you would still like to display your class information in Class Listings Tables, but not allow a class to be selected, you will simply "turn off" the live Register links that normally appear in the left-most column of the tables. To do this, go to Tools > Online Web Registration > Settings, go down to the Listings Settings and change the Show Register Links on Listings to NO.
  2. On that same page, change the Ability to Enroll in a Class setting to NO. This will prevent the Reg form from showing any Class Search buttons, therefore, no classes can be selected.
  3. If you would like a Registration Fee (annual fee, session fee, etc) to be posted to the Family account during this registration, make sure you have selected the appropriate choices on your SETTINGS page under the section on Auto Posting of Registration Fees.

At this point you are probably wondering how your customer will "get to" your Registration Form - great question! You can place a link directly onto your webpage that says something like "Click here to Register" or "Submit a Registration Form" or whatever you like. The Registration Form is a simple hyperlink, and the codes below will launch the Registration Form.  To add the link which launches your Registration Form, insert the following HTML into your website editor, remembering to substitute YOUR ORG ID in place of the XXXXXX: (Go to Tools > Online Web Registration to find your Org ID).

If you are using a website editor that simply asks you for the "hyperlink" or "website url" or "website address" to link to, then highlight your desired text or image and use the code in this blue box as the link. Also set the target to "link to other webpage" and "open in new window":    

If you are using a traditional hard-coded web editor, use this html code in the gold box.  This example uses the text Click here to Register for the display link, but you may change it to to any text phrase or image that you prefer by replacing that section in the code below:

<a href="" target="_blank">Click here to Register</a>

Once the above link is on your webpage, your customer will simply click the link, which will open the Registration Form in a new window. There, they will fill out all the required contact, student, and payment information, agree to your Legal Policies, and SUBMIT. Since there was not a way to "select a class", none are selected and the student is NOT enrolled. This will create the family in your database but not enroll the student into any class. Your staff will then need to evaluate the student, select the appropriate level of class, and enroll the student within your database.