Following Jackrabbit and Staying Connected

Contributor(s): Amber Smith

Beyond the resources in our Help Center, Jackrabbit plays an active role on social media and other platforms. 

Where should you follow along?

From new enhancements before and after release to upcoming training opportunities near you, the Education Team strives to keep you informed. In addition to the blue in-app messenger we use to relay important information (also known as Intercom), there are other ways you can stay connected with us!

Jackrabbit Care Software Users Group on Facebook

The Jackrabbit Care Software Users Group on Facebook was created to give you a place to collaborate with your peers in similar industries for all things business-related. While a lot of questions might be related to Jackrabbit, they don’t have to be! Maybe you want to know:

  • Do you accept online payments? How was the transition?
  • Do you use tablets for clocking students in and out? Are you happy with them?
  • How do you use Jackrabbit’s User-defined Field?

Keep in mind, this group should NOT replace our fantastic support team. For database-specific questions or when something seems "off", use the ? button in your database. With the ability to login to your database, our Support team can effectively troubleshoot and escalate if needed! 

Not a member yet? Request to join the group, answer 2 brief questions, and a moderator will approve your request! Answering the questions helps us approve requests faster as this is a closed group for Jackrabbit users only. 

Jackrabbit’s Blog

The Education Team contributes to the Jackrabbit blog focusing on Enhancements, as well as Software Tips from time to time. Our goal is to inform you about new enhancements and features that will make your job easier. You can check out the blog on the Jackrabbit website

Jackrabbit’s YouTube Channel

Need quick help with a feature in Jackrabbit? We have our own YouTube channel! With over 200 videos and counting, our channel is full of easy-to-follow training videos for all users. 

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the bell icon to receive notifications of our new videos. Videos are added regularly and this will ensure you are the first to know.

Jackrabbit’s Social Media 

No matter what type of social media accounts you have or prefer, we’ve got you covered! Follow us on: