Scheduled Tuition Rates

Scheduled rates charge an hourly or daily amount based on a student's scheduled attendance. A student will be billed based on the days and times they are scheduled to attend during the posting period, even if they are not in attendance. Time from the clock is not taken into account - only scheduled attendance.

  1. Point to Tools and click on Edit Settings on the menu bar.
  2. Select Tuition Rates from the menu on the left.
  3. Click the Add Tuition Rate button.
  4. Fill in the Rate details and Save.

Scheduled Rate Details

  • Tuition Rate Name: This will be visible on account Statements: name it something meaningful to both you and the parents (30 character limit).
  • Tuition Cycle: This groups students together when you post Tuition Fees. A simple way to think of it is "How often do families get billed for attendance?" Go to Tools > Edit Settings > Drop-down Lists to add, edit or delete values.
  • Rate Based On: Scheduled
  • Tuition Rate: (Amount): This is the dollar amount that the rate charges. 
  • Per: Should the amount be calculated per Day or Hour? Per Day rates are a flat fee for daily attendance, minus any discounts. 
  • Round Times: Should extra time on the clock round to the Next or Nearest quantity of minutes? This is hidden for Per Day rates. See Tuition Rate Settings.
    • Each Day: Adds up the extra minutes each day and rounds accordingly.
    • Each Time Period: Adds up the extra minutes each posting period (Attendance Dates in Post Student Tuition Fees) and rounds accordingly.
  • Round Amounts: Should the final amount billed round the Next or Nearest amount? See Tuition Rate Settings.