Class/Event Revenue Summary Report

The Class/Event Revenue Summary report displays all revenue based on filters (Search Criteria) you select that is associated with a Class/Event such as Tuition Fees, Costume Fees, Competition Fees, Taxes, etc. 

You can find this report in the Reports menu. Go to Reports > Transactions/Financials, Class/Event Revenue Summary under the Recommended tab. 

  • View average revenue per student.
  • Analyze revenue by family location and/or class or event location.
  • Format the report to show one line per Category 1 (Cat1) per class/event, or as a summary with one line per class/event.

If you use this report frequently, make it a Favorite Report for quick and easy access!

Business Scenario

When creating the class schedule for your next session, you want to see which classes were most profitable per student. The classes with a lower average revenue per student can be offered on a different day and time or with a different instructor. Sort the report by the Avg Rev Per Student column to see classes in order of profitability from lowest to highest.

Run the Class/Event Revenue Summary report using these filters:

  • Class/Event Location = EDU
  • Class Session = Spring 2019
  • Date Paid from 4/1/2019 through 4/30/2019 

Search Criteria

Use the Search Criteria to narrow the report results:

  • If you have multiple locations in your database, you have the option to look at revenue based on the location on the family's record and/or the location where the class or event is held using the Class/Event Locatiocriteria.
  • Look at class/event revenue for a specific Class Session, selected Category 1, or use Select Class to review revenue for a particular class.
  • Review payments received on a single date or for a range of dates. The date criteria are required fields.

Leaving a criteria selection blank is the same as saying "all".

Display Settings

Use the Display Settings to format your report:

  • Calculate the enrollment as of a specific date or over a range of dates where the count is the highest number of students that were enrolled during that time. The enrollment criteria are required fields.
  • Choose whether you want to see a separate line for revenue by Category 1 for each class/event (Detail) or you prefer to see only one line for all revenue  in the class/event (Summary).
  • You can opt to include any refunds issued for payments related to class/event fees or omit them.
  • Sort the report either by Class, then Category 1 or by Category 1, then by Class.

Report Results

The report results can be further customized with the ability to show or hide columns of information, sort columns, or modify column width. 

Note: Depending on the width of the report, reduce the size/scale of the report so all the columns print.

  • The Avg Rev Per Student is calculated as the revenue for the date range chosen divided by the enrollment for the selected time frame.
  • Use the Class/Event link to quickly navigate to the class or event record.