Add a Family Specific Discount

When you use Post Tuition Fees, you can have a family specific discount applied to any tuition fees posted. This is often used for volunteers, staff, etc. that are given a discount over and above any multi-class and multi-student discounts that you offer. 

The Family Discount, which can be a dollar amount or a percentage, is applied to the tuition amount after your other discounts have been calculated and applied as per the class Tuition Defaults. Note: Family Discounts are an option if you use Class Based Billing.

To add a Family Discount:

  1. In the Family record select the Billing Info tab.
  2. Enter a discount in the Family Discount field  (the discount can be an amount or a percentage).
  3. Select the Discount Type (Amount or Percentage).
  4. Assign an Exp Date (optional).
  5. Add a Note (optional).
  6. Save Changes

Important Notes About the Family Discount

  • Family Discounts are not deducted from Family Fixed Fees.
  • Family Discounts are deducted from Student Fixed Fees. The discount is posted after all Student Fixed Fees are entered. Example: A family has two students and both students have a Fixed Fee of $100. The Family Discount is $10.00. Both Student Fixed Fees are posted at $100 each. The discount of $10 is subtracted from the total ($100 + $100 -$10=$190).
  • You can set the Family Discount to expire on a specified date. After an expiration date has passed, the discount will be ignored when posting tuition fees.