The Staff Record

The Staff record provides a centralized location to keep all information related to staff members. Each record has its own tabs, buttons, and links.


Summary Tab

This tab houses  contact and general employment information for the staff member. The majority of the fields are self explanatory, however, there are some fields (Instructor, Type, Public Nickname, and Position) that impact how other areas of Jackrabbit function.


If a staff member is not an instructor assigned to classes (front desk or administration for example) set the Instructor field to No.

This will:

  • Omit the staff member's name from all Instructor drop-down lists (filters) throughout Jackrabbit
  • Omit the staff member from the Daily View calendar
  • Omit the staff member from the Instructor Schedule report and the Instructor Scheduled Time report (Reports menu > Staff section)
  • Allow you to email instructors and non-instructors separately

If the staff member is an instructor, they can be assigned a Public Nickname which will display online instead of their first and last name.


The Type field allows you to search and report on your staff members by their type of employment: Full-Time, Part-Time, Substitute, Independent Contractor, or Volunteer. The Type is displayed on the List Active and List All Staff reports (Staff menu) and is a criteria (filter) available in Search Staff (Staff menu).

Position (optional)

The Position field allows you to search and report on your staff members based on the type of work they do for you, for example, Coach, Office Staff, or Supervisor. Position drop-down list items are added using the Drop-down List Editor (Tools menu). The Position is displayed on the List Active and List All Staff reports (Staff menu) and is a criteria available in Search Staff (Staff menu).

Public Nickname

Public Nickname

Only available for staff members set as Instructor = Yes , the Public Nickname field gives you complete control over what information is shown about your instructors online when you are using Online Integration in Jackrabbit.

The Public Nickname field is what will display to identify your instructors:

When you add a new staff member and create their Staff record, the Public Nickname field is automatically populated with the instructor's first and last name. The default can be left as is to display the instructor's full name, or it can be changed to whatever you prefer (100 character limit), for example Coach John instead of John Linton. If you set the new staff member to Instructor = No, the Public Nickname field is hidden.

To keep from showing any information for a particular instructor, delete everything from their Public Nickname field and save the changes.

Classes Tab

The Classes tab provides a listing of the staff member's active and future classes. Use the View Class History button to view the staff member's previous classes.

Attendance Tab

A staff member's time clocked in and out of your facility is displayed here. See Staff Clock In / Out for more information on recording staff attendance.

Use the Select a time period drop-down on the Attendance tab to quickly filter attendance for records you would like to see related to the staff member.

Compensation Tab

A User's access to this tab can be restricted with the Compensation tab User ID permission in the Staff section (Tools > Manage Users & Permissions).

It offers an area to enter multiple pay rates. Use the Add Pay Rate button to add each pay rate. Refer to the Staff Compensation / Pay Rates topic for full details.

Feedback Tab

Notes regarding your staff performance, such as feedback from their students, can be entered on this tab. Be sure to Save Changes after adding feedback. Use the More link to display the entire Staff Feedback field.

A User's access to this tab can be restricted with the "Feedback tab" User ID permission in the Staff section. See Set / Edit Jackrabbit User ID Permissions.

Skills Tab

The Skills tab can be used to indicate which skill / instrument an instructor can teach. Use the Add Skill button to add a Skill. See the Staff / Instructor Skills  article for full details.

Certifications Tab

Add up to five different certifications achieved along with dates earned. See Staff Certifications for details.

Availability Tab

Add a staff member's standard hours and exceptions here. See the Staff Availability topic for more information.

Misc Tab

Add miscellaneous information related to the staff member here.

Picture Tab

Staff pictures can be added to this tab. use the Pencil icon to browse for the image you want to upload. The image will be automatically resized and centered.


Clock In / Clock Out Buttons

These buttons are used to manually clock a staff member in or out. See the Staff Clock In / Out section for a full explanation.

Class Schedule Button

The Class Schedule button will open a page where you can use search criteria and display settings to create a schedule for the instructor. The schedule is offered in several formats including export to Excel and PDF.

Add Time Entry Button

Used to add a manual clock in / out for a date other than the current date. See the Staff Clock In / Out section for more details.

Class Calendar Button

Use the Class Calendar button to display the Instructor's Monthly Calendar. The calendar provides links to the Class records.

Weekly Schedule Button

The Weekly Schedule button will open the Instructor's Weekly Calendar. The calendar provides links to the Class records.

Email Button

The Email button will open the Email editor where you can create and send an email to the staff member.

Text Button

If you have texting enabled, the Text button will open the editor where you can compose and send a text message to the staff member.