What do the different Event Status options mean?

There are five options for Event Status.

  • OPEN - indicates the max size of the event has not been reached and the event day and time is still open for registration. Events with a status of Open will display on the Event Calendar (if Display on Website and / or Display on Internal Calendar are set to YES in the Event Type Summary tab.)
  • UNAVAIL - indicates the event day and time is not open for registration. Event Dates / Times with a Status=Unavail will display with a beige highlight on your Events calendar but will not allow registration.
  • BOOKED - indicates the max size of the event has been reached, the event day / time is booked, and no further enrollment is allowed.
  • HOLD - indicates the date is being held for some reason and registrations are not currently being accepted. Events with a status set to Hold do not display on the Event calendar.
  • NOTICE - indicates that the event is a notice only. It is viewable but can not be clicked to open a registration form. Example: Studio Holiday Closing.