Delete a Schedule - Added in Error

If a schedule needs to be removed entirely, and you do not need a record of the past enrollment, it can be deleted. This can be useful if the schedule was added in error, or if a schedule has an End Date / Drop Date listed and it must be changed to 'blank.'  

A user must have the permission 'Delete Drop History' to delete past schedules.
  1. From the Class record select the Enroll List tab.
  2. In the Enroll List click the Drop link for the student being dropped from the class.
  3. In the Drop From Class window, enter the Drop Date. This is the date the student will be dropped from the class.
  4. Select a Drop Reason
  5. If the student completed the class (versus dropping before they had met all class requirements) select the Completed Class checkbox.
  6. Optionally add Notes.
  7. To email the primary instructor details about the drop, select the Email Primary Instructor checkbox. Note: This assumes the primary instructor is listed under the Instructor tab for the class and has an email address associated with the Staff page.
  8. Click Drop to complete.
  9. From the Class record select the Drop List tab. Find the past schedule that needs deleting.
  10. Select the trash icon on the far right of the schedule's row.
  11. Select OK.
Deleting a Schedule is permanent and cannot be reversed. It removes any record that the schedule existed, including in all enrollment reports.