Permissions for Jackrabbit Users

Watch a (2:03) video tutorial on Permissions

User Permissions and Access Restrictions allow you to safeguard your data by controlling what a Jackrabbit User can see, and what they can do, in your database. 

  • Assign permissions to Jackrabbit User IDs based on job function
  • Limit a User ID's access so they see only the data related to specific Category1s 
  • Grant access to your database by Location (if you have multiple Locations in your database)

Business Scenario

A facility offers two programs, Gymnastics and Cheer. Each of these programs operate separately but they share the database because they share the facility and have many families enrolled in both programs. If a Category 1 value has been added for each program, access to the database can be granted separately for the Gymnastics staff and the Cheer staff. Staff would then have access to only the data related to their program. 

User Permissions and Access Restrictions are managed from within each individual User ID profile (Tools menu > Manage Users & Permissions > Click link to open a User ID profile).

User Permissions

When you add a new Jackrabbit User ID, not all User Permissions are granted (checkboxes selected). This allows you to control who can perform sensitive tasks, or see certain areas of your database.

It is a Best Practice to select one or two Users to be your System Administrator(s). Their User IDs will be granted ALL permissions and they should be the only ones tasked with creating new User IDs.

User Permissions are grouped into categories based on the areas of the database they affect. Search fields help you to locate permissions related to the task of the User you are creating/editing.


You are creating a new User ID for Dianne Harris. She will be responsible for email correspondence for your organization. 

To find all permissions related to emailing in Jackrabbit, enter the keyword "email" in the Description search field. Select the checkboxes for the tasks you want this User ID to have permission to do and Save Changes.

A User must log out and log back in again to see new permissions take effect.

User Access-Locations

If your database has multiple Locations, the System Administrator can limit which Family, Student and Class information a User can access based on Location. Note: Staff information is not limited by Location. 

The Location "ALL LOCATIONS" overrides any other values. 

User Access-Category 1

From this area, the System Administrator can select which class categories the User can access. This is often used if a User is only allowed to enroll students in specific types of classes.  

Select the appropriate settings and Save Changes.