Set Up / Edit Fee Tax Details

One tax rate can be set to automatically calculate tax on either or both service and non-service related fees.

Example: Canadian clients charge GST on both services and fees.

Fee Taxes are different than Item Taxes.  Only one tax rate may be set for fees. Items (sold via the Store) may have different tax rates. See the Store Setup topic for details on creating Item Tax Rates.

Typically, a fee tax rate is added during Organization Set Up. To check or update a fee tax rate for your Jackrabbit database:

  1. Point to Tools and clicking Edit Settings.
  2. Scroll to Tax Settings.
  3. Set Make Sale/Post Fees: Add tax in the "Post Fees" section to Yes or No. (If this is yes, the "Post Fees" section of Make Sale / Post Fees will default to having tax automatically calculated.)
  4. If you charge tax on services, set Tax Tuition and enrollment fees (excluding Web Registration) to Yes. (Setting this to Yes will charge tax on Tuition Fees when using Post Tuition Fees, Web Registration, and the Parent Portal.)
  5. Enter a Tax Rate. (Example 7.5 for 7.5%)
  6. In the Tax Label field, give the tax a name. (Examples: Sales, Tax, GST, VAT, etc.)
  7. Scroll up and click Save Changes.