Maintaining Accurate Revenue Reports

Contributor(s): Amber Smith, Bethany Mann, Jorine Jones

A clear understanding of how to record revenue can be found in our Help articles. Before you can verify your revenue reports are accurate, you should make sure you are comfortable with Jackrabbit concepts such as: 

These concepts are the foundation to understanding and maintaining accurate revenue records in your database. 

Revenue reporting should be a priority to ensure all of your family accounts are accurate. You can complete revenue checks and balances daily, weekly, or monthly - there is no rule! However, you should add this task to your regular routine. Check out some methods our customers have found helpful in keeping current revenue records.

Find Unlinked Transactions

For consistency, choose a day of the week or month and add a recurring reminder to your calendar. Use Find Unapplied Credits, under the Transactions Menu to search for all your Unapplied Credits and apply them to unpaid fees at one time. This allows you to find payments that have not been linked (applied to a fee), keeping the revenue from being placed in the proper revenue bucket. When you find these, link them so your revenue reports are accurate. 

You may find payments that do not have a fee to apply to. Not to worry! This means the family has a credit and you will be able to apply the payment after a fee is posted.

If you have not used this search before, you may have old transactions that require clean up. Try searching with a date range that spans the length of your time with Jackrabbit. Start with the oldest transactions and clean those up first. Once you are current, make sure to do this regularly (daily, weekly, or monthly).  

Why Should You Keep Your Revenue Clean in Jackrabbit?

Make your revenue checks and balances a priority. 

  • Ensure reports are accurate.

  • Use your revenue reports to forecast future income.

  • Analyze revenue reports to show growth of your organization.

  • Your families can easily see which fees are unpaid through the Parent Portal, making collecting unpaid fees easier for you.

When looking at a family’s page, you don’t want to see transactions that are pink (unpaid fees) AND green (unapplied credits). This means you have some linking to do! Just pink OR just green is fine.

After you become familiar with transaction linking, you will be able to quickly spot transactions that need clean up.