Tuition Fees - Duplicate Fee Detection

Watch a (0:54) video tutorial on Duplicate Fee Detection

Duplicate fee detection is a simple tool that identifies possible duplicate tuition fees. The final decision of whether or not the tuition fee is posted is made by you. 

Note: This function does not replace the need for you to review the tuition fees that are about to be posted. 

By default, Duplicate fee detection will search for other transactions with a Transaction Type:Tuition Fee for a specific date range, however, you can select more criteria to filter your search with using the Also match on the same criteria.  

The Previewed Transaction Batch page, generated when the Preview Tuition Fee button is selected, identifies detected duplicate tuition fees by highlighting them in yellow and sorting them to the top of the report results. The reason for the fee being determined a duplicate is also shown.  

The Post checkbox is selected by default; this will include the fee in the batch. If you determine the fee is a duplicate and you do not want to post it, clear the Post checkbox and the fee will be omitted from the batch. You can also use the Check All Duplicates and Un-check All Duplicates buttons.

Duplicate Fee Detection Criteria

To determine what tuition fees have already been posted to an account, you must select the Use duplicate tuition fee detection checkbox. You can select more criteria to filter your search.

Use duplicate tuition fee detectionSelect this checkbox to enable this feature.
Check dates from/throughSearches for any tuition fee that has already been posted to a family account during the time frame you select.
Transaction TypeThis is preset to Tuition Fee and can't be changed.
Also match on the sameThis field is optional and has several drop-down choices. Depending on which drop-down you select, if the criteria is an exact match to fees already posted, the fee will be highlighted as a duplicate on the list as shown in the image above.

  • Student and Class
  • Student and Category 1
  • Student
  • Category 1
  • Transaction Sub Type
  • Student, Class, and Sub Type

The Also match on the same field does NOT apply to families or students who have a Fixed Fee in place. Duplicate detection for Fixed Fee families and students will only detect fees, with the Transaction Type of Tuition Fee (Debit), that were posted during the specified time frame.