Option 1 - Do Not Auto Enroll - By Request Only

In Tools > Online Web Registration > Settings, there are 3 options available for you to control how new customers select schedule times when enrolling. A Schedule Template is an option of days/times that fall within the Class meet times but may not be for all days/hours the class is open. See Schedule Templates.

With the Do Not Auto Enroll - By Request Only option, customers may request classes but are not automatically enrolled. No scheduled days/times are requested - just the class.

  1. The Class Search area on your Registration Form will say Request Classes
  2. The email notification to parents says Requested Class.
  3. The saved registration form (Family's Misc tab - View Registrations button) will say Requested Class
  4. A notification email is sent to your designated school administrator(s) and a dashboard alert shows that a registration/request has been received.
  5. Review the class request, then enroll them in the schedule decided upon.
Class Requests do not enroll students in the class. The school administrator who processes registrations will review the Request, then click 'Add Schedule' to put the student in the class. See Schedule (Enroll) Students.