Staff / Instructor Skills

Many organizations use Instructor Skills to indicate which skill / instrument an instructor can teach. Recorded Staff Skills are displayed on the Day View Calendar.

Make sure that Skills have been created in your drop-down lists. To add a skill go to Tools > Edit Settings > Drop-down Lists > Staff section > Skills. See Getting Started: Drop-down Lists for more information.

  1. Point to Staff and click List Active Staff (or List All Staff).
  2. Click a staff person's name.
  3. Click the Skills tab for the staff person.
  4. Click the Add Skill button.
  5. Choose a Skill from the drop-down list and add Notes if needed.
  6. Save Changes.

To delete a staff skill click the Trash Can icon.

A Jackrabbit User's access to the Skills tab on staff records can be restricted using the Staff Skills Tab user permission in the Staff category. Edit user permissions from the Tools menu > Manage Users & Permissions.