Actual Outside of Scheduled Tuition Rates

Actual Outside of Scheduled rates charge an hourly or daily amount if a student is checked in/out outside of their scheduled time during the posting period. A student will be billed an hourly or daily rate if their check-in/out times fall outside their scheduled times. Both time on the clock and scheduled attendance is taken into account. A student may only have one schedule per posting period and one check-in/out time per day in order for this rate to calculate.

Actual Outside of Scheduled Rate Details

  • Tuition Rate Name: This will be visible on account Statements: name it something meaningful to both you and the parents (30 character limit).
  • Tuition Cycle: This groups students together when you post Tuition Fees. A simple way to think of it is "How often do families get billed for attendance?" Go to Tools > Edit Settings > Drop-down Lists to add, edit or delete values.
  • Rate Based On: Actual Outside of Scheduled
  • Tuition Rate: (Amount): This is the dollar amount that the rate charges. 
  • Per: Should the amount be calculated per Day or Hour? Per Day rates are a flat fee for daily attendance, minus any discounts. A $1 per minute rate would list as $60 per Hour.
  • Round Times: Should extra time on the clock round to the Next or Nearest quantity of minutes? This is hidden for Per Day rates. See Tuition Rate Settings.
  • Each Day: Adds up the extra minutes each day and rounds accordingly.
  • Each Time Period: Adds up the extra minutes each posting period (Attendance Dates in Post Student Tuition Fees) and rounds accordingly.
  • Round Amounts: Should the final amount billed round the Next or Nearest amount? See Tuition Rate Settings.