Hold a Soft Launch for your Online Web Registration Form

If you have anxiety about "flipping the switch" to online registration all at once, you may feel more comfortable doing a soft launch (quiet roll-out). This can be used for either the Registration Form (for new clients) and/or the Parent Portal (for clients already in your database). Make sure you have completed all of the Set-Up steps for Registration Form and the Parent Portal before attempting to send out the links for use. This strategy assumes that you have NOT yet put live links onto your website.

Option 1: Getting accustomed to the flow with a few test registrations and enrollments

Choose a few of your friends or family members and send them an email telling them about your new online registration program. Ask them to follow the link in the email and fill out the form and submit it as a test. This is a great way for you to see the "flow" of information into your database and the confirmations and notifications that are automatically sent. Tweak any instructions in your text boxes as needed based on the feedback you get. Once you are happy with the results, you can delete the students and families out of your database completely.

Option 2: Soft Launch to a group of your clients

If you are not quite ready to integrate online registration into your website, but would like to go ahead and offer registration or enrollment to a select group of people, you can do that! Send the group an email blast with the appropriate link(s) below so that they can register before you put the links on your website for everyone else.

In the body of your email, include the following link.

Remember to substitute YOUR ORG ID in place of the XXXXXX - Go to Tools > My Account to find your 6 digit Org ID:

Include this link in the body of your email, and it will launch your Registration Form (to be used by people who are not yet in your database):


The same idea can be applied to the Parent Portal as well (for use by your customers that already exist in your database).

Include this link in the email, and it will launch your Portal Login Page:


Note - a soft launch is very different than holding Priority Enrollment. Read more about Priority Enrollment in the Parent Portal section.