Customize Drop-down Lists - An Overview

Watch a (1:44) video tutorial on Customizing Drop-down Lists

In your Jackrabbit database, you'll find many areas with drop-down lists (also called drop-down values or fields). When you click the down arrow on a drop-down list you will see a list of values to select from.

Customizing these drop-down lists is useful for searching information and creating reports. There are many drop-down lists for you to customize, and new drop-down lists can be added at any time. When you are ready to explore the drop-down lists check out the Help articles in Drop-down Lists.

Drop-down lists are edited from the Tools menu using Edit Settings and Drop-down Lists. When your database was created, there were some drop-downs added for you based on what we frequently see used. You have the option to use these or create your own.

Use extreme caution when deleting a drop-down list item as it can affect your historical reporting. Review the Frequently Asked Questions: Editing Drop-down Lists section in the Drop-down List Editor prior to editing or deleting a drop-down list item.