QuickBooks Financial (Revenue) Integration - An Overview

Jackrabbit offers integration with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop versions allowing you to export your revenue numbers from Jackrabbit to your QuickBooks Company file. With QuickBooks Desktop, a file is exported and then imported into your QuickBooks Company file. The integration with QuickBooks Online is done through a secure internet connection between your Jackrabbit database and your QuickBooks Company file. 

In Jackrabbit you'll maintain detailed information on your customers, students, staff, and classes. You will post fees to your customers and collect payments in your database, maintaining your detailed accounts receivable in Jackrabbit.

QuickBooks will track your accounts payable, balance sheet accounts, and business expenses. The revenue numbers are imported from Jackrabbit and become part of your profit and loss statements in QuickBooks.

The export creates a journal entry in QuickBooks for each day in the exported date range that has revenue activity. The debits in the journal entry are the payments received from your customers, broken down by payment method, and are posted to a deposit clearing account called Undeposited Funds in QuickBooks. The credits in the journal entry, which are the categories the payments were linked to, are posted to your QuickBooks revenue accounts based on a one time set up where you associate each Jackrabbit category with a QuickBooks revenue account.