Sell and Track Punch Cards in Jackrabbit

Punch cards are like a pass that is 'punched' each time a student takes a class. With the fee for all visits paid up-front, the number of prepaid classes depletes with each visit. This is a great way to offer the option for drop-in childcare. Jackrabbit can help you sell and track these! Note: this is only available for Class-based billing.

Punch Cards are typically sold in increments or groups of 10, 20, or 30. The price per class is lower than if a student were to drop into classes that many times. 

With punch cards, it is crucial that you track the usage and ensure that the card is not used beyond the number of classes it was issued for.

Set up Punch Cards in Jackrabbit

Jackrabbit’s Store can be used to sell and track punch cards. 

  1. Add a Category 1 value of ‘Punch Card’ to help with revenue reporting.
  2. Go to the Store (menu) > Add Item to create a store item for each type of punch card you offer, e.g., 10 Class Punch Card.
  3. Click Save Changes.

  4. Sell the store item when a family purchases a punch card. 

Track Each Punch on the Punch Card

For every punch card sold to a family, create a unique store item. 

Use the family name as the item barcode and name for a quick lookup. This item is unique to the family and should not be used for any other sale.

To track how many punches have been used, set the item to track the quantity on hand. The unique item will not have a price since it is used for tracking usage. The generic item (e.g., 10 Class Punch Card) was used just to bill the family for the punch card.

When the student takes a class, sell the family the unique store item. This will reduce the quantity on hand.

The student doesn’t need to be enrolled in the class. If the student is already in your database, their 'attendance' can be seen by looking at the transaction history on the Family Record.

Reporting for Punch Cards

To check the remaining classes on a card, use the List Store Items report to see the quantity on hand.

For a history of the punch card's usage, use the Sales Detail Report

An alternative to selling punch cards (pay for all visits front) is to sell drop-ins (pay as you go). Refer to Using Jackrabbit to Sell Drop-ins for more details.