Report Export Options

Click the Export button to export a report to one of the following:

  • Excel Spreadsheet (XLS)
  • Comma Separated Values (CSV) - Plain text files that contain a comma after each entry. CSV files can generally be imported into any spreadsheet file or database regardless of the type of software or computer you are using.
  • Portable Document Format (PDF) - PDF is the standard for the exchange of documents across different formats.

When a report has Search fields in the column headers, you'll be offered options after clicking the Export button.

  • All grid data exports the entire report (all pages, all data) regardless of whether you have used a Search field.
  • Filtered grid data exports only the results displayed after using a Search field.
  • Filtered and paged data exports only the page you are viewing (assuming there are multiple pages of data) as well as the results displayed after using a Search field.

Select the export format in the Export Data pop-up box.

The ability to export information is controlled by the Export Grid Information user permission located in the General category.