Web Registration Form Submission

When your new customer completes the web Reg form and hits the Submit button at the bottom, the flow of data captured in your Web Registration form will populate directly into your Jackrabbit database.  A Family record will be created, along with the student information. Class enrollment (if you allow class enrollment) or waitlists (if you allow waitlists for full classes) is also captured.  The customer's e-signature is captured and stored along with the policies that they agreed to.  Finally, their payment information (if you require it) is also captured.  If you have set up Jackrabbit to Post Tuition Fees (Class Based Billing only) or Registration Fees, those fees will also now be posted as a debit against the family.  (Payment is NOT processed - you must process the payment).  

If your Scheduling Option is to allow Do Not Auto-Enroll - By Request Only then the enrollment must be done by you in the database after you confirm their selection. The registration fee will not post if your Scheduling Option is Do Not Auto-Enroll - By Request Only and you have the Registration Fee set to post when enrolling in a class.