Contact PINs

Contact's PIN codes are located on the Contact record. Contacts should not share a PIN. Each contact should be assigned their own PIN.

Adding Contacts and Working with PINs

Caregivers, grandparents, baby-sitters, etc. who regularly pick up a student should be added to the family record as a Contact and assigned their own PIN.

  1. Find the family and click the Add Contact button.
  2. Enter the Contact's First Name and Last Name.
  3. Select the applicable Type.
  4. Enter any additional information as needed and click Save.
  5. To add or edit the PIN, click the Manage PIN button.
  6. To add or update assigned students for the PIN, click the Manage Pickups button. 
  7. Clear the checkbox for siblings if necessary. Click the Add Additional Pickups button to search for other students the contact is authorized to pickup if needed.
  8. Save.