Manage Email Notifications (ePayment Receipts)

Jackrabbit automatically sends a receipt via email for an approved ePayment. You can also optionally send an automatic email receipt for a declined, voided or refunded ePayment.

When you are working through the ePayment Wizard, the final step is to customize your ePayment receipts. If you have completed the Wizard, access these settings from the Tools menu > ePayment Settings using Manage Settings in the Email Notification Settings.

lApproved Transaction ReceiptslDeclined, Voided, and Refunded Transactions NotificationslWho Receives Receipts


These settings are applied to all ePayment email notifications.

  • "Reply To" Email Address - This email address will receive replies from emailed notifications. If this is blank, the organization email address will be used. 
  • Include Link to Parent Portal? - Select Yes to Include Link to Parent Portal as a Jackrabbit Best Practice. This will add a link to the Parent Portal with text directing the family to "Click here" to access their account.
  • Include Itemized Fees? - Change this to No to show only  the payment amount without listing the associated fees. By default this is set to Yes which will show both the payment and associated fees. This is useful for parents who submit receipts for tax purposes.

Approved Transaction Receipts

Approved email receipts are automatically sent by Jackrabbit. 

To completely suppress all automatic ePayment receipts contact Jackrabbit Support and a representative will update your database settings to reflect this.

Customize the approved receipt with a subject (100 character limit) and optionally a message (500 character limit).

Declined, Voided, and Refunded Transactions Email Notifications

You have the option of having Jackrabbit send an email notification for ePayments that decline, are voided, or are refunded. Set Enable this email? to Yes to have the notifications sent automatically. 

Customize each notification by adding a subject (100 character limit) and optionally a message (500 characters).

Who Receives the Email Notifications (Receipts)?

  • When using Use Card/Acct on File  or Transactions >Process Credit Cards/Bank Accounts, the email receipt is sent to the Contact in the Family record who has Billing Contact set to Yes.
  • When Enter/Swipe Card  is used, Jackrabbit offers an option of sending or not sending an email receipt to the Contact with Billing Contact set to Yes and offers a field to send to another email address as well.