Hide Columns in Your Class Listings Tables

Watch a (2:48) video tutorial on how to Hide or Add Columns in Class Listings Tables

Once you have your table filtered to your desired results, you may want to hide some of the columns.

The standard code will provide a table showing these 12 columns automatically, in this order left to right:

To hide any of these columns, you will use &hidecols=x where x is one of the targets listed below.

Targets you can use to hide columns

  • Class
  • Description
  • Days
  • Times
  • Gender
  • Ages
  • Openings
  • StartDate (use StartDate instead of Class Starts)
  • EndDate (use EndDate instead of Class Ends)
  • Session
  • Tuition

Multiple targets can be used by separating them with a comma.

Example - hide the Description, Gender, Openings, EndDate and Session columns...


The example code above shows only the url source part of the code. If you are embedding the table directly into your webpage you will need to include this url source code into the full scripting html. Refer to Create Custom Class Listing Tables in 4 Steps for details on using the full script.

Table created from hiding the columns above: