Locations in Your Jackrabbit Database - What Are They?

The definition of the word location is "a particular place or position", but what does Location in Jackrabbit refer to? 

Locations are a setting in your database (Tools > Edit Settings) that can be used to separate business activities as well as set access permissions for different Jackrabbit Users.

When your Jackrabbit database was first created, a Location value was automatically added. A minimum of one Location is required, however, you can have as many Locations as you need - there are no additional fees for extra Locations!

Why would I want more than one Location in my database?

There are a number of reasons why you might opt to add additional Locations to your database. A few examples are:

  • You have multiple physical locations and want to keep track of everything in one database, but have the ability to report on each location separately.
  • You have multiple programs operating in the same facility and want to share one database, but you need to lock down access to information based on the program.
  • You have a partner and share a facility, customers, and one database but need to keep the finances separate for each of you.

How do Locations affect my database?

Single Location Database

When there is only one Location in your database the Location setting has very little impact. All data within Jackrabbit is assigned a Location value (families, classes, transactions, etc.). With only one Location available, all data is assigned that Location. 

Multiple Location Database

There are several effects of having multiple Locations in your database. 

  • All data within Jackrabbit is assigned a Location value (families, classes, transactions, etc.). Classes can be assigned a Location based on where they are held. Families can be assigned a Location based on where they live. You can track your revenue based on the Location of the class taken or by the Location of the family who took the class. The choice is yours! See Revenue Tracking with Multiple Locations for full details.
  • Drop-down lists and report filters throughout Jackrabbit will allow you to report on families, classes, transactions (revenue), etc. for each Location separately, or for all Locations. 
  • You can limit the access your Users have to information in your database by Location. See Set / Edit Jackrabbit User ID Permissions for more information.
  • Online Registration can be streamlined with the ability to group your Class Listings Tables by Location.
  • Families who take classes in multiple Locations will need only one Parent Portal login to be able to access all of their student enrollment information.

If you think that multiple Locations are for you, check out our section of articles Work With Multiple Locations in Jackrabbit to learn more!